How to be referred

There are two ways for patients to be referred to Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospitals Specialist Care:

1. Self referral

As a private patient, you can contact the customer services team as a self referrer, and ask to be seen or admitted by one of our consultants. In this case, we would require a brief medical history - preferably by a treating physician - including any relevant test results.

2. Referral from a healthcare professional

Your doctor or treating hospital can refer you directly to one of our consultants. Or, our customer services team can put you in touch with the most appropriate consultant.

Letter of invitation

Once a consultant has agreed to accept you as a private patient, a letter of invitation will be sent to you. This will give details of the appointment or admission and indicate the deposit required if the patient is to be self-funding. 

Payment options 

Depending on who is paying for your fees, there are some further steps that you need to take before you can have an appointment or receive treatment. 

Please see below to find out more:

Patients covered by private medical insurance will need to:

  • Check that your insurance company has an agreement with Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust and that we feature on their list of accepted providers.
  • Check that your insurer accepts the consultant that you have been referred to.
  • Review your policy to ensure it has no exclusions such as a 'six week rule'.

Self-funding patients can refer themselves or be referred by their healthcare professional.

You will need to provide us with:

  • details of your problem or condition
  • relevant details from your medical history.

We will use this information to liaise with the appropriate consultant regarding your treatment plan and then give you an accurate quotation.

Patients from overseas are often referred to us from their embassy who will sponsor the treatment costs, but this must be agreed prior to arrival in the UK. The embassy will provide a letter of guarantee to cover the treatment fees.

Alternatively, international patients can pay for their own treatment, or use their private medical insurance but only if we already have an agreement with the insurance company - please contact us to enquire about this.

The below forms are used for any diagnostic test requests. The forms can be used to request tests at all three of our locations. 

These forms need to be filled out and signed by a UK doctor/general practitioner, and the referring practitioner also needs to provide their GMC (General Medical Council) number. 

Once your doctor/GP has completed all of these details, they can send it through to our private patients bookings team at