Harefield Hospital’s new look

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Harefield Hospital’s private facilities have had an update to accommodate the increased demand for their specialist services.

Private, self-funding and international patients can arrange consultations with Harefield Hospital’s heart and lung specialists, and be seen in the brand new private patient facilities which include:

  • New outpatient consulting rooms and diagnostic suites
  • A rapid diagnostics service including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), echocardiography, computed tomography (CT), lung function and non-invasive tests all available same-day or short-notice.
  • Specialist heart and lung screening services
  • Respiratory and cardiology consultations
  • 16 spacious private in-patient rooms.

The new private outpatient and diagnostic facilities not only provide access to consultations with our world leading experts, but multiple tests can be scheduled on the same day, in the on location, five days a week. This enables a ‘one-stop’approach, removing the burden of multiple appointments an unnecessary travel for patients.

Services that are available for same-day or short-notice appointments:

  • respiratory and cariology consultations
  • CT (cardiac, lung and general)
  • MRI (cardiac and general)
  • non-invasive cardiology including cardiac monitoring, exercise tolerance tests and ECG
  • echocardiography (stress and contrast)
  • lung function.